QUBIC, by Sergey Ivancheglo-CfB

Hoy y mañana, día en el que suelen vender los algunos mineros

Seamless transition:
para el miércoles que viene

JOETOM — hoy a las 22:12

Good news!

The seamless transition worked. We could also identify why a catch-up is not possible: we burned some more qus from sc executions

To catch-up with new nodes, please do the ***owing:

update code from main branch: GitHub - qubic/core: The Qubic Core is the Node Software which runs the Qubic Network
replace the contract0000.103 file with the contract0000.102 (rename it to contract0000.103) file
start your nodes as usual

The root cause to the catch-up bug will be fixed with the update which is planed for next epoch change.
Para los nuevos listados, material que necesitarán los exchanges:

Actualización sobre listados:
Gran novedad, la infraestructura de Qubic ya está lista, falta la decisión de los exchanges:

crypdro — hoy a las 13:56
Exchange Listing Update
@everyone - we know you are eager to see qubic being listed on bigger exchanges, and so are we.

This has been a tough ride until now but as we heard from previous discussions: we are technically ready and also are in talks with multiple exchanges. We cannot reveal more right now but things are moving in the right direction.
There are many common questions, I'll try to answer them:
When next listing?
We cannot give an eta but as mentioned above, tech is ready, and we're in discussions. Any etas which are discussed are not correct.
Why not just use CCF money to pay for listing?
This is happening and funds are not the issue
Why does it take so long?
a) qubic is a layer 1 which needs more integration than just adding a contract address and the token name
b) qubic is pretty different from what the exchanges are used to working with (qubic uses a balance-based approach to track transaction status and does not natively support transaction statuses as they are known from other chains)
c) the team has built the RPC infrastructure to support easier onboarding and provide exchanges and developers something they are more used to (check GitHub - qubic/integration: A Documentation how to interact with Qubic for more details).
Wen Binance listing?
Binance and some other tier 1 (and top tier 2) cexes are different beasts: they require a mix of proper kyc, aml, whitepaper, regulatory compliance, internal audits of the code base, previous listings on other exchanges and more. So throwing money at the problem doesn't help here - therefore pls. be patient and don't expect a Binance listing, next.

For any other questions feel free to reach out.

ChatGPT would say:
"Let's harness our collective energy to illuminate the path through the crypto universe, making every challenge a milestone we conquer together."

For me "LFG" is enough
Sin embargo, en otro canal , dicen que no hay Seamless transition hoy:

Phil — hoy a las 13:17
We do NOT have a seamless epoch transition today. Please update your nodes as usual to the new release v1.199.0 for epoch 104.

Change log:
  • fixed issue with starting new nodes after seamless epoch transition
  • changed scoring algorithm
  • added thread health monitor (F2 key)
  • added solution threshold to system info message
  • fixed bug related to contracts


crypdro — hoy a las 14:50
Building an Organisational Structure for Qubic - Steering Committee Proposal
Dear Community, @everyone, a quick reminder: Qubic operates entirely on community initiative without the backing of any formal organization, placing the responsibility for its direction in the hands of our community members.

Six months ago, we founded the Steering Committee of qubic. (https://app.qubic.li/public/proposal/f3dcd173-0cf4-4fd6-8a9b-7845426bae37) for “creating and maintaining the QUBIC website, design, social accounts and everything needed to do proper marketing”. The term for this Steering Committee (SteCo) was defined for six months which came to an end on March 31st.

The SteCo Members
Members of the SteCo were: @crypdro , @CRYPTOisNOW ױ , @Foleycious ױ , @JOETOM , @Lex , @MrUnHappyX , @ױ Zoxx .
@PeterB was also part and left on his own request being replaced @MrUnHappyX who was the next based on the votes conducted.

This post will give you insights about the past six months and also a proposal about the next iteration of the Steering Committee.

The last six Months
While we set out to “create and maintain the QUBIC website, design, social accounts and everything needed to do proper marketing” (initial proposal, remember?), we quickly realised what qubic needs is an organisational structure which covers more aspects than marketing. Think about tech, governance, finance, community, projects, partnerships and more.

As such and over time, we created the ***owing workgroups with their respective leads:
Tech ( @JOETOM )
Marketing ( @Foleycious ױ )
Website, hiring, educational videos ( @CRYPTOisNOW ױ )
Exchange listings ( @crypdro )

As ***owers on X grew from 5’000 beginning of October to 30’000 now and Discord from 4’800 members to 36’000 respectively, also the SteCo took on new challenges and organically created this structure.

A quick rundown of what happened in the last months
Established a core team of engineers
Introduced github as the lead environment for engineers
Full refactoring/restructuring of the code base
Created the first coherent brand image for qubic and put it to use on all channels
Established strong communication on X
Built website qubic.org
Created a set of X explainer/educational videos
Restructuring of channels and content
Established a strong team of community managers and moderators
Established the aforementioned workgroup structure
Hired multiple people from the community for tech/marketing/Discord
Listing of qubic on CMC and CG
Funneled all requests to the SteCo and handled them
Initiated exchange listings (more information to be expected soon)

What we’ve learned
During this early phase, we learned a lot about what works, and what not - something which all organisations go through in early stages: Decision-making processes were unclear, as were the responsibilities and the general direction of the Steering Committee. We were able to clear a lot up by creating workgroups and defining responsibilities.
We wished things could have gone faster at times and also we could have communicated more - these learnings end up in our ***owing proposal for a future Steering Committee.

Our proposal
We see changes happening in the scope of work, the composition of the Steering Committee and the overarching governance.

The scope of the Steering Committee
align all activities around qubic to support qubics growth
fund those activities (i.e. salaries, infrastructure, research, partnerships) with funds from the "CCF" (Computor Controlled Fund - this has been created in the past and currently holds 863bln QU (QUBIC Explorer), the quorum is the owner and the SteCo/Workgroups shall ask the quorum for funds from CCF to move projects forward)
Act as a public face for qubic, as a point of contact

The SteCo shall consist of workgroup leads
We propose to keep three of the existing groups incl. their leads as work is ongoing in those areas. For four new groups, we propose to publicly call for participants and let the Quorum vote on the staffing decision.
  • Tech ( @JOETOM )
  • Marketing ( @Foleycious ױ )
  • Partners/Listings ( @crypdro )
  • Community (new)
    • Responsible for community management in Discord and Telegram
  • Ecosystem and Events (new)
    • Making qubic known through in-person events around the world
  • Operations & Reporting, HR (new)
    • Ensuring (bi)-weekly reporting to the community about activities in the SteCo and the ecosystem
    • Evaluating new structures (eg. DAO) for a future organisation of qubic
    • Hiring staff
  • Finance & Reporting (new)
    • Regular reporting on financials
    • Ensuring funds are used appropriately

Quorum and SteCo can remove workgroup leads at any time by a simple majority vote
Workgroup leads ask Quorum for funds for specific activities
Workgroup leads will be compensated for their work as qubic shall be to main activity of work for them
Spending will be documented and publicly available for everyone to verify and challenge (as is the case right now)
No workgroup lead can decide how to use funds for their group, decisions are discussed in the SteCo
The SteCo will invest in research for a future structure for qubic (Dao, foundation etc.)
Term: Again six months to come up with a refined structure and new proposal (end of term: 10.10.2024)

Voting on this proposal via Quorum (simple majority): from 11.4. - 17.4.
If accepted:
Call for new workgroup leads (time to apply, more detailed job descriptions to be provided publicly): 17.4. - 21.4.
Quorum vote for new leads: 24.4. - 1.5.

Other Proposals
As mentioned at the beginning: everyone has the authority to post proposals in any kind of form. If you’d like to post another proposal feel free to do so.

Goes out to everyone who supported the growth of qubic in the last months. Too many people to list here but you know who you are. Without you this wouldn't have happened this way.

Signed by: @crypdro , @CRYPTOisNOW ױ , @Foleycious ױ , @JOETOM , @Lex , @MrUnHappyX , @ױ Zoxx

Exploring the future of Al with QUBIC
Agenda del evento:

17:30:18:00: Inscripciones

18:00-18:20: Introducción y Bienvenida - Presentado por Javier Molina

18:20-18:45: David Vivancos / TrueAI

18:45-19:10: José Sánchez / Inteligencia y Cerebro.

19:10-19:35: Elena González-Blanco / Impacto de la IA en la empresa

19:35-20:00: Alberto Fernández / El camino de Qubic para llegar a ser una Artificial General Intelligence

20:00-21:00: Catering y Networking

La tienda NO OFICIAL de Qubic:

KYE — ayer a las 22:55
@everyone Official Qubic Store is now live ! Every item is made by high quality materials. And all profits will be re used in the Qubic ecosystem! Give us some feedback ! (editado)

el aviso de NO oficial:
Foleycious ױ — hoy a las 12:16
@everyone this is not the official Qubic merch store and anyone who chooses to purchase anything from the unofficial store does so at their own risk. It is from community members and therefore not controlled by us. To mention: friends did order there and also received it, so fingers crossed

Última edición:
Ya llegó!!

crypdro — hoy a las 12:35
Listing Announcement: Qubic on Gate.io!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been eagerly awaiting has arrived. It's time to fasten your seatbelts, as we are excited to announce that Qubic will be listed on Gate.io, one of the world's top crypto exchanges, boasting over 12 million users!

Gate.io Marketing Campaign

The first step in this journey will be our launch on Gate.io Startup platform, the worlds largest token launch platform. This allows users to discover promising projects and participate in Startups by locking their USDT for Qubic tokens. This is an incredible chance for our community to engage with potential investors and amplify our reach. Duration: 7th May, 2024 5:00AM ~ 9th May, 2024 5:00AM (UTC)

Key Listing Details

Listing Date: Thursday, May 9th at 9:00 AM (UTC)

This milestone marks a new chapter for Qubic, as we prepare to showcase our innovative decentralized AI technology to a broader audience. The energy and enthusiasm within our community are palpable as we take this significant step forward.

Join the Excitement

Cosas que pueden ayudar a la subida:
• Expected that market will return bullish​
• GATE CEX listing first​
• more CEX listings after​
• QX DEX Launch​
• First meme $CFB token launching​
• First Game launch #MyLastMatch​
• $XCHNG listing inevitable​
• Tangem integration inevitable​
• Microsoft & HSBC AI Leaders at the $QUBIC Asia event IS EPIC​
• Hashwallet​
• Metamask integration​
• AIgarth L2 AGI already at level of human intelligence​
• Inevitable burns of supply while being FEELESS for users​
& so much more​

Aquí uno con Qubic! Parece que lo listan en gate.io, vamos a ver cómo se comporta. Saludos.