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Antiguo 22-sep-2008, 22:17
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Spain Prefers Islam over Roman Catholicism
From the desk of Soeren Kern on Mon, 2008-09-22 21:20

Barcelona’s main annual festival, the Festes de La Mercè, kicks into high gear on September 24, the day of the city’s patron saint, the Virgen de la Merced. Because the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, the celebrations will be spread out over more than one week. In all, some 600 cultural events have been scheduled from September 19 to September 28. But not a single one of them will make any explicit reference to the religious origin of the event.

The title “Virgen de la Merced” (Mary of mercy) has its origins in the founding of the Orden de la Merced, a Roman Catholic religious order, in Barcelona in 1218. At the time, the Iberian Peninsula was under Islamic occupation (711-1492) and the so-called mercedarios (knights of mercy) established the new order with the express purpose of liberating Catholic believers who were being held as prisoners by Muslim captors. (The group is believed to have “redeemed” between 60,000 and 80,000 Catholic prisoners.)

Fast-forward some eight centuries to September 2008. Multiculturalism has (temporarily) replaced Islam as the dominant religion in Spain. And multiculturalism’s core doctrine of political correctness says it is now forbidden to honor the memory of faithful Roman Catholics who languished under Muslim captivity.

Instead, the Islamic community of Barcelona has been officially invited to hold its very own festivities as part of the La Mercè festival for the first time ever. Nits de Ramadà (Nights of Ramadan) aims to allow Muslims to party with friends and family during the evening hours when Muslims stop fasting for Ramadan. Nits de Ramadà is open to non-Muslims, provided they dress properly, do not have more than four wives, and do not smuggle alcoholic beverages into the fairgrounds.

At the same time, an anti-clerical group called Lliga per la Laïcitat (Secularism League), which receives a 30.000 euro subsidy to “advise” the regional Catalan government on the separation of church and state, has sent a letter to every municipal councilor in Barcelona warning them not to participate “in the religious celebration that takes place during the festival.” The “religious celebration” refers not to Nits de Ramadà, but rather to a Catholic mass that is scheduled for September 24.

The letter says that justifying attendance of the mass “on the basis of an institutional commitment or a tradition contradicts the imperative necessity to understand that individual religious conscience – which in this case it is – should never take priority in determining the decisions arising from the office an elected representative is temporarily exercising.”

Just in case that was not sufficiently clear, the letter closes by saying: “Democratically elected representatives must exercise their civic role separate from their membership of one or other belief system. In the most friendly and respectful manner possible, we must remind you that you are also representatives of the City of Barcelona.”

In the post-modern linguistics of Spanish Socialism, the letter is saying that any elected official in Barcelona should think twice about his or her job security before attending the Catholic mass that is being held in memory of the city’s patron saint. By contrast, attending Nits de Ramada is not only encouraged, but essential to career enhancement.

If the gatekeepers of Spanish multiculturalism do not see any irony in the Islam versus Catholicism debate in Barcelona, then neither does Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero see any irony in his recent trip to Turkey.

Zapatero, addressing some 2.500 guests at a Ramadan fast-breaking iftar meal in Istanbul on September 15, declared that Spain is a country “proud of the influence of Islam in its history.” He went on to say: “We want to pay respect to all religions; we want to be tolerant of all faiths and ideologies. We will demolish all walls that are barriers to understanding each other.”

Just moments earlier, Zapatero’s host, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamist prime minister of Turkey, said: “We expect members of other civilizations to declare Islamophobia a crime against humanity.” This is the same Erdogan who once said of Islam: “Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.”

The irony of Zapatero’s trip to Turkey even caught the attention of Spain’s famously sycophantic leftwing media establishment.

The pro-Socialist El País said the attendance of Zapatero (whom the newspaper describes as a “flagman of secularity”) at a dinner arranged by Turkey’s Islamist AKP party, which in July narrowly escaped closure on charges of being a “focal point for anti-secular activities” by the Constitutional Court by only one vote, constituted a “paradox.”

Barcelona’s left-leaning La Vanguardia ran an editorial titled “The double laicism of Zapatero” which noted that “Zapatero is hyper secular in Spain but a little less so in Turkey […] In Istanbul Zapatero practiced the ‘positive secularism’ advocated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, with the support of Pope Benedict XVI, that is, accepting that religion has its place in public space. Positivism with Islam, however, contrasts with the little sympathy that Zapatero has for the Catholic Church. Will Zapatero have lunch with the bishops on Easter Sunday?”

The center-right ABC, in an editorial titled “With Islam there is no Secularism” said: “Zapatero has not had any difficulties in attending an event of such an obviously religious nature organized by a religious Islamic party. However, his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the Catholic religion is well known, sometimes with absences as unjustifiable as when he failed to attend the mass of Benedict XVI in Valencia [in July 2006]. It is clear that the PSOE [Spanish Socialist Party] uses a double yardstick: respect and intimacy towards Islam versus aggressive secularism vis-à-vis the Catholic Church. All this with no justification except for political opportunism.”

Many observers are noting that as the Spanish economy descends further and further into chaos, Zapatero’s rhetoric on religious and moral issues is becoming increasingly more radical. In addition to his enthusiastic embrace of all things Islamic, Zapatero is also pushing a range of social political initiatives that, among other things, include easing of restrictions on abortion, euthanasia, divorce and the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

One question is how far Zapatero can push his anything-goes policies before the Muslim community in Spain rises up in rebellion and demands the recognition of Islamic sharia law along side the Spanish Civil Code, similar to what has happened in the United Kingdom.

In any case, Spain is clearly in the middle of a fierce culture war. Although it looks like the post-modern politically correct multicultural secularists led by Zapatero currently have the upper hand, Islam could end up being the long-term winner.

In the words of Spanish-born American philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group

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Zapatero is also pushing a range of social political initiatives that, among other things, include easing of restrictions on abortion, euthanasia, divorce and the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

jojojo, está muy al día el articulista

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jojojo, está muy al día el articulista

easing of (...) divorce (....) significa "divorcio express"

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Antiguo 23-sep-2008, 02:39
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Manda cojones... ahora resulta que dar al Islam una pequeña parte de los privilegios que tiene el catolicismo es "preferir el Islam al catolicismo". De locos!

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sionistas al mar por fa plis

Sionist go home

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Pajamas Media » European Muslims Debate: Should Gays Be Executed?

European Muslims Debate: Should Gays Be Executed?

One of the pillars of the future totalitarian state in 1984 is the practice of doublethink, which Orwell defined as “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. … To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies — all this is indispensably necessary.”

As it happens, this is a precise de******ion of exactly what’s been going on in many parts of Europe in recent years, as multicultural ideology has been confronted by realities about Islam that, in a doublethink-free world, would send that ideology crashing to the ground in flames.

For a case in point, I will refer the reader to an episode I’ve mentioned previously in this space — an Oslo debate last November at which the deputy chairman of Norway’s Islamic Council, Asghar Ali, refused to reject the death penalty for gays. When Senaid Kobilica, the head of the Islamic Council (which represents 60,000 Muslims), was asked where he stood on the question, he replied that he couldn’t give a definitive answer until he got a ruling from the European Fatwa Council. This week it was reported that he’s still waiting.

But not to worry! Kobilica added that he’s “100 percent certain that the fatwa council will not come out in favor of something which conflicts with European law.” Meaning that while the death penalty for homosexuals is, indeed, an orthodox Islamic position — one about which the Fatwa Council’s head, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has himself written sympathetically — Western Muslim leaders, in accordance with the Koran (and with good strategy), prefer in such controversial cases not to challenge infidel law. (There will, after all, be time enough to execute gays in the coming decades, as the Muslim population attains critical balance in one country after another — first, most likely, in France and Sweden and the Netherlands, and in Norway some time after that.)

What’s most chilling about all this, however, is not the positions of these Muslim leaders but the reactions of the Norwegian establishment. Or, one should say, the lack of reaction.

Consider this. After last November’s debate, it emerged that Asghar Ali not only was deputy chairman of the Islamic Council but was also on the board of the Oslo Arbeidersamfunn, the largest and most influential association within Norway’s ruling Labor Party. Asked about Ali’s views, the head of the Oslo Arbeidersamfunn, Anne Cathrine Berger, lamented that some people “can’t see the difference between a board member’s views and the organization’s views.” Despite scattered calls for his dismissal, Ali remained on the board. (When a new board election was held in February, Ali chose not to run again.)

That’s not all: Ali is, in addition, secretary of the 37,000-member Electricians’ and IT Workers’ Union. After the November debate, the union’s website posted a “clarification” by Ali saying that “as a Norwegian Muslim” he in fact rejected the death penalty for gays. The words “as a Norwegian Muslim” amount to a disingenuous dodge — they’re the rhetorical equivalent of keeping your fingers crossed behind your back. To state that one rejects the death penalty for gays “as a Norwegian Muslim” isn’t the same as saying that one rejects it, period. Like what Kobilica said about European law, it’s simply an Islamist’s way of affirming that he accepts infidel law as it now stands; such a statement reveals absolutely nothing about his real position on the question, or about whether he is, in fact, dedicated to the goal of ultimately changing this and the rest of Norwegian law to conform with sharia. At this point in the ongoing Islamization of Europe, the slipperiness of Ali’s “clarification” should be manifest to any infidel who’s made an effort to understand how Muslims think about theAnd the media? After a news cycle or two had passed, the Norwegian media dropped the whole pesky little business of Muslims executing gays down the memory hole and resumed treating the members of the Islamic Council as if they were congenial folks who are model immigrants, lovers of Norway, and (that magic word) moderates. When Norwegian security services expressed concern in February about the possible role in terrorist funding of money sent abroad by Norwegian Muslims, Dagsavisen went straight to Asghar Ali for a quote pooh-poohing the idea. Dagsavisen’s article ended as follows: “Ali emphasizes that the Norwegian Muslim community has definitively rejected extremism.” The fact that Ali himself had refused only weeks earlier to reject the death penalty for gay people had already been deep-sixed.

In the same month, Muslims rioted in Denmark, and Aftenbladet ran a piece portraying Kobilinka as an embodiment of moderation and reason. He was quoted as calling on Muslim youth in Norway to control themselves and blaming the riots in Denmark on “inequality and discrimination.” His argument that Muslims are the victims of bigotry, and that this bigotry is the cause of any unrest by Muslim youth, was treated as self-evident; meanwhile, the fact that this self-proclaimed opponent of discrimination had recently refused to reject the death penalty for gays went unmentioned.

As if all this weren’t enough, in April Aftenposten ran a profile of Kobilica by Kristin Høiland. Her headline: “Travel-Happy Imam.” The subhead: “He loves the mountains, enjoys skiing — and considers his journey to Norway among the most important of his life.” Høiland’s text glowed with enthusiasm for this exemplary “new Norwegian”: “We have seldom met anyone so happy to be living in this country. … Kobilica could be mistaken for an unusually well-dressed Norwegian … [he’s] a young, modern imam, dressed in suit and tie, and available by cell phone and e-mail.” Also, he’s “hospitable,” he’s a “bridge-builder,” the atmosphere in his office is “informal and friendly.” When he tells Høiland that he wants “to show that Islam is an inclusive religion” that “adapts to the society we live in,” you might expect her to reply with a query about executing gays, but no: her next question is “Do you have any dream destinations?”

A search through all the major Norwegian papers and several lesser ones shows that none has been moved in recent days to editorialize about the Islamic Council’s continued on-the-fence posture about executing homosexuals. On the contrary, instead of acknowledging that more than a few Muslim leaders in Europe are well on their way to being the continent’s new Nazis, the Norwegian media have continued, in the face of all evidence, to cling to the mantra that Muslims are Europe ’s new Jews. To read the Norwegian media, you’d think European Muslims are huddling together in their homes, trembling in terror that an Islamophobic mob will break down the door any second and drag them out to be lynched. The media make no effort to reconcile such fantasies with the reality that Muslim leaders are out there every day, throwing their weight around with increasing self-assurance and being increasingly open about their devotion to even the most brutal parts of sharia law.

As it happens, the news that the Islamic Council was still awaiting the Fatwa Council’s verdict on gays came a day before a report that Mullah Krekar, Norway’s #1 resident terrorist, was suing Norway in the European Court of Human Rights because he wanted “to see that I’m getting everything I have a right to.” What both of these stories underscore is that on every front, and with every weapon they can find — lawsuits, veiled threats, guilt-tripping, and puff pieces masquerading as journalism — Islamists are poking and prodding at the edifice of European democracy in a tireless effort to weaken the system and bend it ever more surely toward sharia. They’ve realized that the work of jihad — of restoring the caliphate, of making Europe a part of the umma — doesn’t require suicide bombs and airplane missiles; for the prevalence in the West of useful idiots who’ve been brainwashed by multiculturalism makes such weapons superfluous.se matters. Yet the head of the Electricians’ and IT Workers’ Union , Hans Olav Felix, pronounced himself satisfied with Ali’s ”clarification,” and Ali remains in the #2 spot at the union.

As for the Norwegian government, there has been no serious effort, as far as I know, to rescind from the Islamic Council its half million kroner a year in state support.

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Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group

Vamos, que es un articulo del GEES. Eso explica que encuentre "radical" el que el gobierno renuncie a controlar sobre como tengo que morir en vez de darme a mi la opcion de elegir.

Lo de la derecha fiel a la Iglesia del Advenimiento Inminente De La Sharia esta llegando a unos niveles de patetismo increibles...redsixlima, deberias ir a buscar tu espada, ¿no ves que Zapatero esta a puntito de legalizar la sharia?

Lo que es aun mas patetico es que esta derecha es la que se proclama como "liberal"...señores, antes de vaticinar la legalizacion de la sharia en españa poniendo como precedente a lo que ha sucedido en inglaterra, hagan el favor de informarse un poco sobre el sistema legal anglosajon...

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Me veo dejandome barba tupida, lapidando mujeres y arrancando clitoris.

Que panorama...

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Que va! si adoramos a los catolicos. Que seria de mis aburridas tardes de trabajo sin ese grandisimo e impagable TROLL que es el señor Rouco.

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a mi que coño me importa, alquilar=tirar el dinero, forocoches nos asedia!, freedom for r6l, i support r6l, r6l = rouco sifredi, r6l = tirar de la cadena, r6l a cuba, r6l autista, r6l better than rocco, todas con burka en breve


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