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  • You are in the position to take certain areas of life more seriously as Venus and Saturn converge, dear Taurus, such as your relationships, money, education, legal matters, and publishing. There may be a sobering moment now that prompts you to take care of business, but it feels good and right to do
    . Also today, a Solar Eclipse falls in the sector of your solar chart that rules your spirit to grow, explore, and expand beyond the everyday experiences in your life. This can bring invigorating events into your life that serve to nudge you out of your usual routine. You are making a break from the past in some manner, which will help clear the path for future growth and development. There may be opportunities to broaden your horizons through travel, education, life experience, or adventure.

    With the Sun and retrograde Venus aligning today, dear Taurus, it's a time for getting closer to your true feelings about a relationship. Learning new things about a previous relationship can figure strongly. You might open your eyes to something now, as you're now truly ready to "see" it. Through these revelations, you can gain further insight into an old problem, or you might reconnect with someone from your past which sparks a new approach. Set intentions and goals that better reflect your redefined wants and needs, as well as your expectations of others with this new-beginning energy that's strong for a fresh start or turning point.
    The Solar Eclipse that occurs this afternoon clears the path for new beginnings, dear Taurus, and this can mean you break free from the past in some way, particularly on emotional levels and having to do with your home or family life. Situations that have been holding you back may need to be put behind you. The weeks and even months ahead are a time of special attention to your domestic world, sense of safety and feeling of belonging, understanding your roots, and matters of intimacy and vulnerability. You're coming in touch with basic feelings and needs that you may have overlooked. The Solar Eclipse is a cosmic nudge to discover your inner well. You'll be paying special attention to your support system as well as the support and nurturance you give ohers. .
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    Mercury will be retrograde from August 30 to September 1, in Virgo, so you will likely think back about a past love. If you hope to rekindle that relationship, this would be the right time to do so. Mercury will urge you to think about friends and perhaps a lover that you miss seeing. If you are so inclined, make the first move – go ahead, make the contact. I feel your friend, and possibly a long lost love, would be glad to hear from you.
    First it was the Sun and now Venus that forms an opposition to Saturn. Burdens, responsibilities, lack, limitations, and problems can be magnified under the Venus-Saturn influence, particularly with regards to love, pleasure, and finances. This influence tends to bring responsibilities or limitations to light. There could be difficult decisions or realities to face regarding finances, social status, or relationships. Some of us could be reassessing or questioning relationships. Burdens are magnified in our minds now. We might feel that people value utility and material or practical concerns over true love. An element of seriousness permeates our love relationships. We may feel criticized and inhibited, unloved and unsatisfied, but our worst enemies may be ourselves and our own fears of getting close to others. The Moon continues to transit Taurus most of the day, until 11:03 PM EDT, when it enters Gemini.
    You dealt the Three of Hearts!

    The 3 of Hearts can go both ways. If your desires are pure, you stand to gain much happiness and love. If not, this card can mean you, or your partner, are having problems making decisions about the relationship and may be going through emotional difficulties as a result
    The Ten of Swords also indicates a difficult experience of endings, loss, pain or release. However, the saving grace is that you have a new awareness and a positive sense of relief that the difficulty and pain will soon be over and will evolve into something new. As with all endings there will be a new beginning, a rebirth, and a rejuvenation of the spirit. So, while this card may seem negative at first glance, it is a card of hope and an indication that your troubles will not be permanent.
    You dealt the Five of Diamonds!

    The 5 of diamonds indicates happiness and success! There will be a change for the better in your life—a chance to make a fresh start and an excellent time to start something new!

    This card reveals an opportunity to meet with a helpful person—it is a card of surprises
    You dealt the Ten of Hearts!

    The 10 of hearts is an important card that indicates you will be rewarded, and that your recent difficulties will make way for good fortune, good luck, and success!

    Enjoy the happiness and good news this card brings.
    Are you lovesick? This card indicates you may very well be. The 7 of hearts can also signify someone whose interest in you is unreliable or someone with fickle affections for you. Maybe it's time for a change in focus to someone more reliable and steady!
    You dealt the Eight of Hearts!

    You are going to be getting an invitation or an unexpected visit! There is cause for celebration with the 8 of Hearts leading the way.
    The Ace of Diamonds is a card of positive change. You will receive good news on the matters surrounding your question, and possibly a valuable gift! This is a new beginning.
    The 3 of spades is a somewhat difficult card that warns that a third person might be influencing or entering your relationship. This is a "love triangle" card.

    A break, likely temporary, is possible. Separation is associated with this card, but mostly it points to a person (not necessarily a lover) is interfering in your relationship.
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