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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 16:41
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La verdad es que es muy bonita y parece que esta equipada con de todo un poco, pero incluso asi me parece demasiado cara para ser tan minúscula, creo haber leído de 25000 euros a 34000.

Especificaciones técnicas

The m-ch has a timber frame structure with anodised aluminium external cladding, insulated with polyurethane and fitted with aluminium frame double glazed windows and front door with security double lock; graphics can be applied for sponsors, exhibition and business use.

The m-ch measures 266cm x 266cm x 266cm. The ceiling height is 198cm and the door width is 60cm.

Inside the m-ch features:
two compact double beds, each measuring 198cm x 107cm, with covered cushions
storage space for bedding and cleaning equipment
a sliding table measuring 105cm x 65cm, for dining for up to five people
flat screen television in the living/dining space
a shower and toilet cubicle
a kitchen area, which is fitted with electrical points and features a double hob, sink and extending tap, microwave, fridge and freezer units, three compartment waste unit, storage shelves, cutlery drawers with gentle return sprung slides and double level work surfaces
thermostat controlled ducted warm air heating, air conditioning, water heating
fire alarm and smoke detectors


m-ch units are available to purchase for delivery to geographical Europe at a guide price of EUR 25,000 to EUR 34,000 (subject to contract). This price includes all interior fittings. Subject to site conditions, the price excludes delivery, installation, connection to services, consultant’s fees and taxes.

The m-ch is delivered from our production centre in Austria and we advise an average of 8-10 weeks delivery from the date of order.

All sales enquiries to:
Bryony Hamilton Kelly
micro compact home ltd
tel 00 44 [0]20 7495 4119
fax 00 44 [0]20 7495 4119
email: [email protected]


1. What does the £50,000 cover?
Subject to site conditions the guide price includes supply and installation of one unit with all interior fittings and connection to services ready for use.

2. Do I need planning permission?
In many areas you will not require planning permission. If the floor area of your existing home is more than 9 times the area of an m-ch [6.5sqm] ie more than 60sqm, you will not require planning permission. In some conservation areas of special scientific interest [ssi] and urban areas, temporary planning permission can be obtained for five years, otherwise a full planning application may be required in these regions.

3. What access do I need for installation?
m-ch units are delivered up to five per truck load. It is helpful if the site is near a road or vehicle access track. The m-ch is light enough to be lifted by crane over trees and landscape and 40m from the delivery truck. In exceptional circumstances the m-ch can be delivered via helicopter.

4. Is there a guarantee or warrantee? Can I order replacement parts? If I have any queries will you help me?
5 years guarantee. You can order parts through m-ch ltd. The m-ch team is always available by phone or email to follow up enquiries or requests.

5. Where can I see one?
At the O2 student village in Munich and at the Grand Designs 2006 exhibition at Excel in London on the 3rd and 4th June 2006.

6. What’s the delivery time?
8-10 weeks from place order on receipt of a 33% deposit

7. Can you install them for me?
Yes, the m-ch production team in Austria supplies and installs the cube and the support frame and our architectural team in London can supervise and arrange the site work crew.

8. How are they serviced?
The m-ch requires only a single electrical supply, water and drainage. In a cold winter month the m-ch should use only 348kWhrs and in the summer, using air conditioning, approximately 123 kWhrs. It is possible to be highly energy efficient in the use of an m-ch. Since it has a small air volume, it heats and cools very quickly.

9. Who is the manufacturer?
A three-generation family run business based at Uttendorf, 40 minutes north of Salzburg in Austria, an area of Europe known for high quality construction for Airbus, Rolls Royce and BMW. Rupert and Nicole Gatterbauer, the owners of the company would be pleased to show you your m-ch in production. contact: www.microcompacthome.at

10. What is the lifespan of an m-ch?
Like a car, the lifespan of the m-ch is dependent on the care in use. The guarantee for the main frame, the aluminium cladding and windows is for five years. Service elements and fittings may require service or replacement, as would normal domestic appliances. All replacement parts can be ordered through m-ch ltd.

11. How do I recycle it when I have finished with it?
Your m-ch can be collected by the factory and recycled. It could also be replaced with a new one in a single delivery. A finished m-ch may be sold to a second user or be recycled by the factory into new m-ch units. The aluminium is very efficiently recycled with only 0.3% wastage in the process and with only 11% of the energy required to make the aluminium in the first instance.

12. What are the environmental implications of the m-ch?
The first eco balance report was completed in 2005 at the Technical University in Munich and is a detailed full life cycle analysis of the materials used in the construction, through to the final recycling and disposal. The report includes details of the energy balance and the energy required to manufacture and deliver materials to the factory and to the site. A 'low.e-home' version is available with potentially zero CO2 emissions. This is powered by pv solar cells and a small vertical axis wind generator mounted on the roof and mast.

13. In what countries is the m-ch available?
Currently available in geographical Europe and in the USA shortly.

14. Can they be joined together to make bigger units?
The m-ch units can be modified with a second door at the kitchen end and a connecting link to another m-ch unit. This would provide short stay accommodation for two or four people.

15. Is a discount offered on bulk orders?
Yes, for orders in excess of fifty m-ch units.

16. What are the security measures?
m-ch windows are made of heavy duty toughened glass, the door has a double security lock and the construction of walls, floor and roof have six layers of material, making it quite difficult to penetrate. A security alarm can be fitted and personal call system if required. Fire alarm and smoke detectors are standard.

17. How do they keep the snow and rain out?
There is a thick waterproof layer protected behind the aluminium rainscreen cladding. Rain drains from the roof through the rainscreen cladding and the waterproof layer, to avoid staining on the outer surface.

18. How do I clean the outside?
As you would a new car; with a soft brush with soap and water, windows with a rubber edged wiper.

19. Can I paint it? Can you customise it for me?
There are two options for customising your m-ch. Like a car, the aluminium exterior can be sprayed or anodised to a range of colours. Alternatively, it is possible to clad the m-ch temporarily with a heavy-duty graphic film. The sponsors of the O2 student village in Munich worked with KMS, advertising agents for Audi and Lamborghini, who installed an O2 graphic on a tough adhesive film often used on the side of trucks. This film can either be printed with a motif or applied and painted.

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 16:45
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Pues me parece cojonuda. ¿Es plegable? ¿en ese caso cabe en el maletero del coche? joder es que si fuese así hasta me lo plantearía, no sabes las sabladas que les meto a mis clientes por desplazamientos, sobretodo con el hotel. Y si ya tiene cocina no veas que chollo.

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 17:09
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¿Son apilables y paletizables (NO para meter paletos, claro)?

Parece grande hasta el SMART de al lado.

Un saludo

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 17:15
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La verdad es que el diseño es muy bonito y limpio, y más bonito aún en medio del paisaje en que se han hecho las fotos, pero este tipo de proyectos son caprichitos de diseño con poca conexión con la realidad (¿Como el smart que sale al lado?). Por lo que se vé en las fotos tendrá cosa de 15 metros cuadrados:

Con el precio más bajo:
25.000€/15= 1666€/m2 277.310pelas/metro cuadrado, (alrededor del triple del coste de construcción por metro cuadrado de una vivienda convencional) y aún te falta tener el sitio para colocarla!!!.

Me parece un poco caro para algo que si le quitas el entorno no es muy distinto de una celda. Si además la rodeases de otras 50.000 iguales, me temo que ni ella ni el paisaje se verían tan bonitos...


Perdón, corrijo: la superficie es 2.6x2.6=6.76m2, o sea que sale... 25000/6.76=3698.22€/m2 615.332 pesetas/m2 .... vamos, si antes era un capricho, ahora es que es un chiste...

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:05
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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:05
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Y más


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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:14
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Como lo vean los becarios de la Trujilla y sus constructores estamos perdidos.

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:26
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Parece un módulo lunar. No está mal para un tiempo, pero a la larga le gusta uno levantarse y dar tres pasos sin salir a la calle.

Se podría alquilar temporalmente

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:34
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Jo jo!! En esta foto se ve cómo la traen en helicóptero!!
Madre mía, ahora las casas ya no se construyen de abajo arriba, sino que llegan directamente desde el aire

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Antiguo 05-may-2007, 18:40
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Prefiero los contenedores, mas baratos, y con mas posibilidades. Coges un contenedor, instalacion electrica, agua, gas, telefono, internet, lo forras de pladur y fuera.

Solo queda amueblarlo, bien estilo ikea o muebles guapos de esos que le molan tanto a pakirrin .

Lo mas caro la cocina. Si soys capaces de diseñarla con el programa del ikea guay.

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