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¿No será esta inyección un testeo de lo que va a ocurrir a nivel general a partir de Marzo del 2012?

SocGen Sees $600 Billion QE3 Starting In March 2012 Sending Gold Up Between $1900 And $8500/Oz | ZeroHedge

SocGen Sees $600 Billion QE3 Starting In March 2012 Sending Gold Up Between $1900 And $8500/Oz

SocGen has released its much anticipated Multi Asset Portfolio Scenario/Strategy guide titled simply enough "Patience: bad news will become good news" where, as the insightful can guess, the French bank makes the simple case that the worse things get, the stronger the response by global central banks will be. Here is the key quote for those worried that : "A major liquidity crisis should not occur this time, as we think we are on the eve of major QE in the UK, US and (a bit) later on in the EZ." We don't disagree and if there is anything that can send BAC higher it will be the announcement of QE3. Of course, BAC will first drop to a $2-3 handle so question is who has the balance sheet to hold on to the falling knife. The next question is "How big will QE3 be"? Well, according to SocGen, the Fed will preannounce it in the January 2012 FOMC statement, the monetization will last from March 2012 until the end of the year, and will buy a total of $600 billion. We believe the actual LSAP total (not to be confused with the "sterilized" QE3 known as Operation Twist) will be well greater, probably in the $1.5 trillion range as the Fed will finally say "enough" to piecemeal solutions. As to what to do, besides going long some financial stock and hoping it is not the one that is allowed to fail, SocGen has some simple advice: "Buy gold ahead of QE3 as money creation has a strong impact on prices" - in other words just as we suggested yesterday courtesy of the Don Coxe correlation chart. Why gold and not BAC? Because, "Gold is highly sensitive to US QE, as every dollar of QE goes into M0, triggering the debasement of the USD. Gold = $ 8500/Oz: to catch up with the increase in the monetary base since 1920 (as it did in the early 80s). Gold = $1900/Oz: to close the gap with the monetary base increase since July 2007(QE1+QE2)." So go long a bank that may well go bankrupt and return nothing before it at best doubles, or go long a real asset, which will always have value and may quadruple in short notice? The answer seems simple to us...

From SocGen:

A combination of weak Q1 2012 GDP and softening inflation could push the Fed to another round of monetary expansion.

SG economists look for a two-step easing process:

1) In January 2012, a major announcement with the Fed promising to keep rates at zero until unemployment falls below 7.5% or inflation moves above 3% on aa sustained basis.

2) In March 2012, the announcement of another round of QE. We expect the next round of QE to be concentrated on MBS purchases and be worth about $600bn over six to eight months. This would increase the Fed’s securities portfolio from currently $2.65trn to $3.25trn by the end of 2012.sustained basis.

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No quiero insinuar nada, ni tengo datos fehacientes para insinuar, pero quien esta vendiendo sus joyas de la corona.

Bank of America shuts Brazil private banking unit | News by Country | Reuters
(Banco de America cierra su unidad de banca privada en Brasil)
Private banking has become the focus of local and foreign players in Brazil's financial markets as the commodity-rich economy, which has grown at an average rate of 4.5 percent over the past seven years, adds 19 millionaires a day. The segment offers services to high-end banking customers such as wealth management.
Merrill's Brazil exit contrasts with moves by rivals to beef up their presence in the highly-lucrative market.

Bank Of America: There's No Worse Bet Right Now - Seeking Alpha
(Bank of America: No Hay Peor Apuesta ahora mismo)
BAC (Bank of America) was trading recently at a little over $5 per share,..and no P/E as it has lost money the past twelve months. It pays a dividend of a penny per quarter, for an annual yield of 0.80%.

In the third quarter, BAC stated net earnings of $6.2 billion, or $0.56 per share. But that was almost solely due to one time occurrences. There was a $4.5 billion positive adjustment on structured liabilities, and another $3.2 billion gain from the sale of a Chinese unit. ...Its Tier One Capital ratio is 8.65%, lower than the other “money center” banks; Wells Fargo and Company (WFC) (11.28%), Citigroup Inc. (C) (13.5%), and JPMorgan Chase and Co. (JPM) (9.9%).

BAC purchased toxic mortgage guru Countrywide Financial in July 2008.Fundamentally, at the time BAC simply created a subsidiary of itself...so the only viable option is for the subsidiary to file for bankruptcy protection.

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Es lo que tiene el patrón dólar fiduciario. No se deja morir fácilmente y la bola de la deuda crece cada vez más.

No veremos al Nixon de turno declarar la muerte del sistema.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/iRzr1QU6K1o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Según los tertulianos de Intereconomía, son los izquierdosos sociatas los que hablan de "especuladores internacionales" para tapar su vergonzasa gestión económica interna. Y sin embargo, aquí tenemos a Nixon denunciando a especuladores internacionales de divisas actuando contra el dólar US.

Según el dogma neo-liberal, las restricciones al comercio y los aranceles son siempre malos. Y sin embargo aquí tenemos a Nixon imponiendo un arancel del 10% a todo producto importado que se venda en USA "para restaurar la competitividad de los productos fabricados en USA" (sic).

Va a resultar que Nixon era un sociata intervencionista de mierda, y amigo de ZP por añadidura.

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Yo insisto, el banco es americano y para mas señas es Bank of America, que es posible que este lunes tuviera una enganchada muy fuerte que no esperaban con la fuerte subida de los mercados europeos y el fin de la crisis de deuda europea y ellos estuvieran bajistas y se han pegado una buena torta, junto con otros bancos de USA, que son los que estaban mas bajistas y cortos.

El BCE tambien tiene una ventanilla de urgencia que de hecho se usa y la banca europea está mucho menos apalancada que la americana, no creo que sea un banco de Europa, y además el vehiculo de inversión es en $, algo que interesa sobretodo a la banca receptora de $

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Pensaba que el G-20 ya nos había salvado en 2008 y 2009 con sus magníficas "inyecciones".

Más madera....

y dos huevos duros...

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