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La clave de acceso es "snewp" pero es cambiada de vez en cuando: Os sugiero que guardéis una copia en el disco duro la primera vez que accedais,
y si alguien puede meterla en el foro de una manera u otra, mejor que mejor. Yo no lo conseguí pues el attachment incluso en pdf pasaba de los 20 kb permitidos.

Si echais mano a links sobre el tema de la burbuja en EEUU y no están en esta lista, probad a mandárselos al webmaster en [email protected].

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Pues se me courre copiar y pegar todo, sin enlaces, antes de que nos cambien la clave y luego que cada cual lo busque por el procedimiento de escribir el título, la fecha y la página en Google; esta es la selección:

en un par de posts más adelante se reseña una página que indexa todos estos enlaces; mantengo en listado de títulos para facilirar búsquedas;

Housing Crash News from www.patrick.net

Tue Aug 22 2006 Face it: The housing bust is here (msn.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Metro area home prices tumble 8% (detnews.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Desperate sellers turn to auctions (baltimoresun.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 House sales will be 'ugly,' economists say (marketwatch.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Q: When is an interest-only mortgage a good idea? A: Never. (indystar.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 The English figure out that rents no longer cover mortgage payments (guardian.co.uk)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Outlook for English owners in the Sunshine State is gloomy (timesonline.co.uk)
Tue Aug 22 2006 San Diego foreclosures march upward (foreclosureforum.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 When sales fall they call St. Joe (boston.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 "The seller is the last to know" (berkshireeagle.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Lowe's Warns on Profits Due To Housing Crash (chron.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Luxury condo complex faces allegation unit size exaggerated (sfgate.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Defaults in Chicago Area Jump by 60% (businesswire.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Housing slump threatens jobs (usnews.com)
Tue Aug 22 2006 Another builder goes bankrupt; buyers' money gone (azcentral.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Hard landing predicted for U.S. housing market (theglobeandmail.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Reno prices fall again (lasvegassun.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Changing of the yard: Buyers take control (libn.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Mortgage Insurers Urge Action On Risky Mortgages (washingtonpost.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 South Bay's housing sales market running out of gas (dailybreeze.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Say You Want a Revolution (voiceofsandiego.org)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Payment spikes might gore those with ARMs (sfgate.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Take a letter Maria (Mish)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Your new house may be a bid away (orlandosentinel.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Criminals steal houses through deed forgery (miami.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Real estate slowdown weighs on job growth (signonsandiego.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 House sellers lower price or learn to chill (mainetoday.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Make it appear like a fresh listing (blogspot.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Sales far from sizzling at downtown condo (sacbee.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Foreclosures soar in N. Texas (dallasnews.com)
Mon Aug 21 2006 Orleans Housebuilders reports 58% cancellation rate (yahoo.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Is It Time to Cut Your Price? (bobburbic.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 26 metropolitan areas in the U.S. experienced outright price declines (fcnp.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Home is Where the Sink Hole Is (billmon.org)
Fri Aug 18 2006 House prices slip in July (ocregister.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 The Great Real Estate Debate (time.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Real-estate reversal surprises experts (sbsun.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 How Far Can Prices Fall? (seeingtheforest.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Area's house prices decline (sacbee.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Bay Area House Sales Tumble (latimes.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 The Future of Real Estate Investment Management (Charles Hugh Smith)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Reduced prices (wsj.com - Flash animation)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Cheap credit drove both the bubble and Mideast conflict? (tpmcafe.com)
Fri Aug 18 2006 Report Finds Area Home Prices Dropping (kcra.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Area sees steep drop in median house prices (sacbee.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 House prices in deep freeze (cnn.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Fannie Mae's Chief Economist Issues Warning On House Prices (blogspot.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Nevada among leaders in house-sales slump (reviewjournal.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 County sees 42 percent fall in house sales (sanluisobispo.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Mass. house sales fall 11% (boston.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 State closes 2 mortgage firms in Lawrence (boston.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Detroit: Thousands of houses swamp market (usatoday.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Downtown market for new houses cools in 2Q (chicagobusiness.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Housing starts, permits down more than expected (cnn.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 U.S. housing starts fall 2.5% in July (marketwatch.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 As condo sales stall, builders roll out the perks (boston.com)
Thu Aug 17 2006 Bay Area house sales post slowest July in 10 years (mercurynews.com - reg required)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Job losses lead to drop in house prices (usatoday.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Execs offer bleak view of real estate (marketwatch.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Dollar Drops on Concern U.S. Reports Will Show Housing Slowdown (bloomberg.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 $2 Trillion ARM Adjustments Trigger Foreclosures for Many Houseowners (sbwire.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Struggling to Get the Price Just Right (washingtonpost.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 The bankruptcy boom is back (msn.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Could rising gas prices kill the suburbs? (msn.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 California House Sales Take A Tumble; Drop 25 Percent (ktvu.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 House Sales Decline in 28 States, D.C. (yahoo.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 Builders' confidence plunges to 15-year low (marketwatch.com)
Wed Aug 16 2006 US housebuilder mood index slides a 7th month (reuters.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Builders: No soft landing (dallasnews.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 The gods have gone over to the other side (goldseek.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Stable Fed rate won't relieve consumer debt (chron.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Who's going to buy all the new condos? (startribune.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Putting themselves in a debt trap (contracostatimes.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 House sales down again (signonsandiego.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Houseowners say "Downsize Me!" (yahoo.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Once-Hot Florida Housing Sales Cool Off Fast (tbo.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 What About All Those Fixed-Rate Mortgages at Low Interest Rates? (Charles Hugh Smith)
Tue Aug 15 2006 Lending experts are fifty-fifty on 50-year mortgages (signonsandiego.com)
Tue Aug 15 2006 The seller as suitor (latimes.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Houseowners Start to Feel The Pain of Rising Rates (aol.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Number of houses for sale soars (gazette.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 House resales have a bad July (eastvalleytribune.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 County house prices drop for second straight month (signonsandiego.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 The top 10 advantages of low-rent living (positivesharing.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 July Price and Sales Data (piggington.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Major Condo Company Sees Market Collapse (moneyandmarkets.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Bubble sitting: The pros and cons (cnn.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Real estate boom shatters East Europeans' dreams (iht.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 When the Walls Come Tumbling Down (thestreet.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 After the wealth binge - what next for the US? (moneyweek.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 For Housing, a Finger in the Wind (nytimes.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Did the Fed get it wrong? (cnn.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 What goes up (anchoragepress.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Analysts say stagnant selling will result in buyer's market (reviewjournal.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 For some, renting makes more sense (usatoday.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Market for Second Houses Hits Slump (nytimes.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Beware of Alligators (blogspot.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 House sales roller-coaster ride is over (dailynews.com)
Mon Aug 14 2006 Laurie Anderson - "National Debt" (youtube.com)
Fri Aug 11 2006 On vacation today, back Monday. No charge today, of course.
Thu Aug 10 2006 Comics too close to reality (westword.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Housing drove Fed, Pimco expert says (ocregister.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Rising Rates Take Their Toll (msn.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Toll's quarterly contracts slip 45% (marketwatch.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Toll Brothers says oversupply of new houses causing slump (cnn.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Toll Brothers says house building still sliding (yahoo.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Why Consumer Debt is Rising (msn.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Reasons for an impending US economic recession (dailyreckoning.co.uk)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Heat saps house sales in July (lvbusinesspress.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Out-of-luck sellers give up, pull out (usatoday.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Jade Homes shuts down operations (heraldtribune.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Intimations of recession (insidebayarea.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Foreclosure filings up 34% in Palm Beach County (palmbeachpost.com)
Thu Aug 10 2006 Housing market hitting a rough patch (nwsource.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Housing slowdown leads to boom in mini-storage units (bizjournals.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Housebuilders under pressure in certain U.S. States (firstrung.co.uk)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Connecticut Single-Family House Sales Fall 13 Percent in Second Quarter (businesswire.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 House glut brings price cut (sptimes.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Fed leaves rates unchanged (federalreserve.gov)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Housing inventory surpasses record (denverpost.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Fairfax city minutes (fairfaxva.gov)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Abandoned Properties: Facing the Challenge (clevelandhousingcourt.org)
Wed Aug 9 2006 The odds of economic meltdown (berkeley.edu)
Wed Aug 9 2006 More house price reductions (blogspot.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 "It's like the market just collapsed" (nytimes.com)
Wed Aug 9 2006 Workers Flee Naples (bloomberg.com)

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Tue Aug 8 2006 Investor Pray for Inflation (tpmcafe.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Market expects Fed to halt rate rises (yahoo.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Observations of California housing august 2006 (financialsense.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 US Housing Boom Goes Bust (monthlyreview.org)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Goodbye, condo mania (msn.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Foreclosure firms are faring well in Fair Oaks (sacbee.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Freddie to End Foreclosure Moratorium (dsnews.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Get away from the edge (townhall.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Las Vegas Valley house sales are drying up (lvbusinesspress.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 What Do Real Estate Agents Do Exactly? Where's the Value and Innovation? (igotnewsforyou.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Condo Conversions Turn Into Reversions (yahoo.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Caught in the middle (signonsandiego.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 The Pause That Will Not Refresh (financialsense.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 Even if the Fed pauses, the trend is down (msn.com)
Tue Aug 8 2006 As Data Point to Slowdown, Housing Market May Land Harder Than Economists Predict (wsj.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Money gone, house buyers try to pick up the pieces (orlandosentinel.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 'Dead zone' threat to US suburban dream (observer.guardian.co.uk)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Foreclosures For Sale (msn.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Foreclosures to get worse before they get better (greeleytrib.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Glut, high prices put condo projects on hold across the country (fortwayne.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 800 reduced prices in Bay Area, up from 165 in Jan (craigslist.org)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Blasphemy (Mish)
Mon Aug 7 2006 call Centex Home Equity every single day until someone will talk to me (43things.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Slowdown in housing market is taking bite out of condo business (stltoday.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Renter's Paradise, Part 2 (voiceofsandiego.org)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Unlawfulcombatant: Economic Populist Commentary (blogspot.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 What happens when the Dream dies? (scrippsnews.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Slow house sales vex on-the-move Hoosiers (indystar.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 charles hugh smith-Post-Bubble Exurbia: Flint, Michigan? (Charles Hugh Smith)
Mon Aug 7 2006 House Numbers (blogspot.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Wolves at the door (yahoo.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Is the transfer of wealth to the next generation fueling the real estate market? (sfgate.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 A farewell to ARMs (moneyweek.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Region's house builders hear sobering news (orlandosentinel.com)
Mon Aug 7 2006 Are housing prices headed for a fall? (msn.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 TownOnline.com - Local News: Creative financing fuels foreclosures (townonline.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Foreclosures jump 90% in San Joaquin County (recordnet.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 House builders face declining land values (mcall.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 The Hollowed-Out American Dream (lewrockwell.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 It hasn't burst, but the housing bubble is real (dallasnews.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 The 'old way' vs. the 'new way' (blogspot.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 O.C. mortgage defaults spike 83.6% for 2nd quarter (ocregister.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Housebuilding industry is taking a hit (projo.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Million dollars in debt to bricks and mortar (theaustralian.news.com.au)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Las Vegas Housing Prices Down 15% (klastv.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Is Housing Bottoming Out? (Mish)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Centex 10Q insights on state of housing market (yahoo.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Foreclosure warnings grow in area (sacbee.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Bubble House for sale (we-make-money-not-art.com)
Fri Aug 4 2006 Mortgage defaults increase (sfgate.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Painful ARM twisting (marketwatch.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 ABC News: 'McMansion' Owners Caught in a Housing Bubble (go.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Have an adjustable rate mortgage? Look out! (msn.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 South Florida house sales, prices fall (inman.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Soft Market Debris (Mish)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Loan demand sinks to four-year low (msn.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 FL Association of Realtors reports prices have fallen 19 percent from a year ago (realblogging.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Another ridiculous "soft landing" quote (businesswire.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 How not to get rich in real estate: One man's story (stltoday.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 The housing market is coming apart in Los Angeles (calacanis.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Weakness in U.S. housing market casts shadows (canoe.ca)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Anxiety Rises as Paychecks Trail Inflation (nytimes.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Door starts to close on NY state housing market (timesunion.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Builders now cutting staff (flatoday.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Freddie Mac Voluntarily Adopts Limited Growth (freddiemac.com)
Thu Aug 3 2006 Housing Panic Blog (blogspot.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Helocs from hell (cnn.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 House Builders' Stocks On Shaky Ground (courant.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Fewer House Equity Loans, More 401k Loans (send2press.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Phase Transitions, Symmetry and Post-Bubble Declines (Charles Hugh Smith)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Truth about San Deigo house sales much worse than reported (realtytimes.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Help from above (baynews9.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Housing prices at a standstill (washtimes.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 The Coming Housing Crash (tompaine.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Lenders have options if buyers come up short (chron.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Warning on 50-year loans (com.au)
Wed Aug 2 2006 For Sale Signs Will Trip Crash (goldseek.com)
Wed Aug 2 2006 Michael Ruppert's economic forecast (transcript) (globalpublicmedia.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Inflated appraisals bungle refinancing (contracostatimes.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 As air comes out of housing market (philly.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Twilight for Exurbia? (Charles Hugh Smith)
Tue Aug 1 2006 What is a Median House Price? (doityourself.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 637 reduced prices in Bay Area, up from 165 in Jan (craigslist.org)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Unfinished houses put people in limbo (azcentral.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Will adjustable-rate loans lead to record foreclosures? (usnews.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Foreclosure for Dummies (tamu.edu)
Tue Aug 1 2006 US housing lender has its loans portfolio cut in June (shanghaidaily.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Newton's laws prevail on the housing market / Real estate skyrocket finally falling from the stratosphere (sfgate.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Rough landing expected for market (dailynews.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Rules for a slowdown (usnews.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Getting real on real estate market (seacoastonline.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Sold at first sight (nytimes.com)
Tue Aug 1 2006 Developers nix or delay condo projects as sales slow, costs rise (usatoday.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Fears as US house prices to dip for the first time ever (thebusinessonline.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 In a Slowing Market, Price Is Only the First Step (washingtonpost.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Why you should be worrying about US house prices (moneyweek.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 The Housing Market's Next Boom: Commissions (voiceofsandiego.org)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Affordable-house crisis will bring on housing value crash (palmbeachpost.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 U.S. house prices in peril (canada.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Five Things You Need To Know About Real Estate (minyanville.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Housing Bubble, Recession, and That 70s Show (safehaven.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Look at the Numbers (Mish)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Why Median Prices Appear to be Rising (Charles Hugh Smith)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Your House as Seen By... (fundmental.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Property Values are Falling! Here's What's Next ... (moneyandmarkets.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Santa Clara Co. House Prices Lagging (financialsense.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 I've never seen a soft-landing in 53 years (msn.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 Glut of unsold new houses across US hits record high (channelnewsasia.com)
Mon Jul 31 2006 As Valley house market cools, emotions heat up (azcentral.com - annoying survey required)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Florida condo prices down 19% year over year (floridatoday.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 House Prices: Lagging Versus Leading Data (safehaven.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Lights Out in Georgia (Mish)
Fri Jul 28 2006 House Numbers (housenumbers.blogspot.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 House prices could start falling (usatoday.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 An In-Depth Analysis of Flipper Finances (blogspot.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 The 2/28 Game (creditslips.org)
Fri Jul 28 2006 T-bills outperformed the median percentage price increase for houses (blogspot.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Housebuilders start fessing up (prudentbear.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 New house sales fall more than expected in June (reuters.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 New house sales latest sign of cooling real estate market (cnn.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Lenders growing more wary of risk (boston.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Steep drop in Florida house market (cnn.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 The housing market peaked a year ago and has been slowly deflating ever since (yahoo.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Residential projects lay untouched (miami.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 Mortgage lenders grapple with deflating housing bubble (reuters.com)
Fri Jul 28 2006 More builders lower expectations (marketwatch.com)

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(continuación, y final)

Thu Jul 27 2006 Report: Sacramento housing market wildly overpriced (bizjournals.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Sticker Shock Ahead for Houseowners With ARMs (wtopnews.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Desperate Builders Upping Incentives to Sell Houses (go.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 House sales continue cooling (miami.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Chicago feels housing chill (Steve Bartin)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Washington DC House Prices Drop, joining Boston, San Diego, etc (washingtonpost.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Boston sale prices fell for the fifth straight month (bostonherald.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 New issue for homeowners: inflated appraisals (post-gazette.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Rich people don't use arms (freemarketnews.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Florida prices fall (news-press.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Failure to sell puts converted condos back on rental market (voiceofsandiego.org)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Where There Is Ruin III: Housing Dominoes Fall (Charles Hugh Smith)
Thu Jul 27 2006 For-Sale Signs Multiply Across U.S. (aol.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Housing market slowdown rippling across the economy (csmonitor.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Will housing illness infect other sectors? (dallasnews.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 The Coming End of the US Foreign Investment Bubble (itulip.com)
Thu Jul 27 2006 Sales Slow for Houses New and Old (nytimes.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 LA/OC house prices to fall 4.3%, traders say (ocregister.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Five Stages of Grief (Mish)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Real estate propoganda ignores potential for financial diaster (realtor.org)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Bubbles caused by cheap cash menace world economy (reuters.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 House builders' bonds take tumble (iht.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 The economy's next time down has begun (msn.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Housing bubble's safety valve (nctimes.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Builders, real estate firms feel market's decline (sun-sentinel.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 U.S. June Existing House Sales Fall 1.3% (bloomberg.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Sales of existing homes fall in June (yahoo.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 House sales slow in June; prices flat on soaring inventory (cnn.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Mass. foreclosure filings surge 66 percent (boston.com)
Wed Jul 26 2006 FOOLish Nonsense (Mish)
Wed Jul 26 2006 Foreclosures jump as a host of factors hurt houseowners (lsj.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 How U.S. Houses Are Hurt by Rising Energy Prices (bloomberg.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 Marketing Of New Houses Showing Desperation (yahoo.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 Housing: Grin and bear it (dallasnews.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 New, More Stringent Rules on Option ARMs and Interest-only Loans (typepad.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 US Housing Boom Goes Bust (monthlyreview.org)
Tue Jul 25 2006 $100 Oil Sure Bet, Rogers Says (bloomberg.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 Don't worry about the Fed getting tough (msn.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 Condo market feels a chill (chicagobusiness.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 Those with bachelor's degrees are finding their incomes stagnate (blogspot.com)
Tue Jul 25 2006 It's Good to Rent in Salt Lake Area (redorbit.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Facing up to reality on housing (projo.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Bloated inventories, flat market call for 'aggressive pricing' (lowellsun.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Housing Expert: 'Soft Landing' Off Mark (latimes.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Average house price declines $130K in Nevada's Douglas county (recordcourier.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 House sellers play the waiting game (rgj.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Housing isn't as bad as everyone says - it's worse (siliconinvestor.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Slowing sales test real estate agents locally (sanluisobispo.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Rates on ARMs expected to jump (desertdispatch.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Mortgage rates hit 4-year high (ajc.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Mortgage malaise is spreading (sptimes.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Re-Refinancing, and Putting Off Mortgage Pain (nytimes.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Real estate stalemate (townonline.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Perks plentiful as builders try to sell houses (palmbeachpost.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 The Bulls Strike Back(piggington.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Builder cancels land deals (dallasnews.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 San Diego real estate concerns Fannie Mae (signonsandiego.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Consumers worry banks (miami.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Rates on 30-year mortgages are highest since 2002 (usatoday.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Reality check (timescommunity.com)
Mon Jul 24 2006 Fannie Mae Views San Diego With Trepidation (brokerwatchdog.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 For-sale signs multiply across U.S. (post-gazette.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Outrageous Real Estate (yahoo.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Builders Fall on Earnings (yahoo.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Prices, not Fed, make houses less affordable-Bernanke (reuters.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 June housing starts fall more than expected (msn.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Builders hurt as rates creep up and buyers hold back (marketwatch.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Ghost Housing Market (Mish)
Fri Jul 21 2006 House sales skid in East Bay (contracostatimes.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Grand Rapids housing market is a perfect storm (woodtv.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Economist: 'The housing market's in trouble' (suntimes.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 When the bubble bursts, deals will blossom (americanchronicle.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Slowdown leaves sellers with hard choices (ocregister.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 This time, things will be different (philly.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Housing downturn swats house builders (usnews.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Sizzling Housing Markets Chill (wsj.com)
Fri Jul 21 2006 Inflation likely to force up interest rates more (nytimes.com)

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Podeis bajaros un archivo q abriendolo con el navegador de internet teneis todos los enlaces tal y como estan a fecha de hoy,almenos asi no se pierde cuando le pongan clave a esa web

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Antiguo 22-ago-2006, 23:59
MNSV MNSV está desconectado
Agarrao a las kalandrakas
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Anda coño. Accedía al enlace antiguo http://www.patrick.net/housing/crash.html#links y veía que no actualizaba las noticias.

Gracias Jaba y Patrick

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